If your like most air quality professionals, the internet has become one of your prime references.  But it has also become one of your biggest burdens, wasting hours searching for material that should have taken only minutes to find. It is this realization that has prompted us to develop Fusiforme.  A web site dedicated to "streamlining" the air quality professional's most valuable asset - time.

To accomplish this, Fusiforme will contain the following air quality related information:  full text of technical documents; free to low cost software; air quality related products; on-line training modules; and links to useful sites (i.e. on-line calculators). 

Before any of the above items are added to Fusiforme, each will have been read, verified, and/or tested.

If you have any comments or suggestions as to the type of material that you would like to see posted on this site, contact Fusiforme via email.





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